For over 9 years, Madison Events has been developing and improving business forums of the Hospitality sector, its main focus being on the sector of design, furniture, decoration, etc. (FF&E) and on the operational sector, services, etc. (OSE + F&B).

The two star events are HISPEC (Hospitality Interiors) and HOSPEC (Hospitality Operations).

These events bring together FF&E purchasing executives of important hotel chains, well-known interior designers of the hospitality sector and suppliers of solutions of this sector in the case of HISPEC, while HOSPEC brings together purchasing managers of hotel chains, catering groups and facility services with the suppliers of this industry.

Each year both events are attended by important names in this industry, the majority of which afterwards state that it has been a very gratifying experience with regard to business and personal professional development, and they declare their intention to repeat the following year. Additionally, only specifiers and buyers with real decision making power attend: managers, owners or purchasing executives.

Madison Events has striven to give special relevance to the interaction among all delegates, making it possible for both parties (suppliers and buyers) to enjoy a professional but relaxed environment where they may do business without the pressure that is often caused by “aggressive sales” or the distractions of the office.

The events are based on a personalized program of face-to-face meetings, which are the essence of HISPEC as well as HOSPEC, and which clearly differentiates them from trade fairs and other events.

In line with the hospitality sector’s maxim of the client being the most important element, the maximum amount of convenience and comfort is given to the attendees so that they may concentrate fully on doing business, networking and obtaining the greatest benefit and return from the event. This includes choosing a unique and excellent quality venue each year …and? the events are always held at 5 star hotels.

Therefore, if anything differentiates Madison Events from other trade fairs or similar events, this is the fact that it is an excellent novel product (HISPEC and HOSPEC), which cannot be found anywhere else, combined with the utmost dedication to the clients and the organization of these events.


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